TERRAZZO WILD – Multi-coloured Pieces of Recycled Marble

This Terrazzo collection is available with white or black cement base and a décor of pink, green, red and yellow marble fragments. Tiles for flooring from the WILD collection are available in stock stock in sizes 30x30 and 60x60 cm. We also custom-make slabs for kitchens, bathrooms, splashbacks, and worktops.

Kitchen decorated with a floor in cream, red and green terrazzoinfo


in 60x60 tiles

Credit: @guyderwentarchitects, @w.a.greenlondon

Terrazzo black, cream, yellow, red and greeninfo

Cast Table

in W1L

This table is composed of 4 elements, the top, two legs and a central beam. This ‘kit’ was shipped to the client so he was able to fit it through the narrow door and assemble this self-sustaining table.

by: Design Lab

Terrazzo pink, white, beige, green and redinfo


in 60x60 tiles

Kitchen decorated with white, pink, beige, red, green and black terrazzoinfo


in 60x60 tiles

Credit: @thecurioushouse.co.uk

The floor is decorated with white, cream, pink, red and green terrazzoinfo


in 60x60 tiles

Credit: @nw3interiorsltd, @vigojansons