TERRAZZO CRISTAL – Recycled Blue, Green, Red, or Brown Glass

Showcasing the brightness of the glass pieces on a white Granito surface. A modern and exclusive Terrazzo collection that incorporates coloured glass fragments. Available in 60x60 tiles or bespoke slabs. With this exceptional material, we also craft bespoke tabletops in shapes, sizes, and colours of your choice.

White and crystal green terrazzo table topinfo

Cast Tabletop

in Cristal20-Green

A truly distinctive and custom creation, this round tabletop features a rich green glass meticulously polished to attain a flawless mirror finish. Its edges seamlessly integrate with its surroundings, creating a striking and harmonious visual effect.

by: Design Lab

Video of making terrazzo blue crystal
Crystal terrazzo tiles in blue and browninfo


in 60x60 tiles

the terrazzo in crystal redinfo

Cristal20-Red and Cristal100-Red

in 40x40 tiles

Sink in terrazzo crystal blueinfo

Cast Sink

in Cristal100-Blue-KB

A very special order from an ‘Ice-Bar’ where the dense color of the blue glass was required. Polished to a mirror finish and completely rounded it blended with the ice around.

by: Design Lab