Polishing large Terrazzo slabs

After hardening, the slabs, tiles or objects cast in Terrazzo are calibrated to 2 to 4 mm, to level the surface and reveal the marble grains and decorations. Then comes the final polishing stage. 3 types of finish are possible.

Terrazo Polished

Polished, the traditional finish Polished

The surface is hardened, the colours enhanced and the shine adjusted through floor maintenance - waxes and polishes.

Terrazo Honed

Honed Honed

Satin finish surface. A micro-relief resulting from a special polishing technique. More pale and less saturated colours. Better slip resistance.

Minimum order 12m², +5$/m²

Terrazo Brushed

Brushed Brushed

The marble grains on the surface are rounded and slightly raised; the Terrazzo remains luminous with saturated colours.

Minimum order 12m², +5$/m²