RIVERSTONE – Pebbles and River Stones

Floor tiles in polished concrete decorated with rounded coloured marble stones. A unique and exclusive Terrazzo collection, handcrafted at Mosaic Factory’s Tangier workshops. With this exceptional material, we also manufacture large-format slabs - up to 240 cm - for bar tops, kitchens, and table tops.

Personalized table top in Terrazzo Riverstone
Terrazzo colored in white, beige and greyinfo


in 60x60 tiles

Vegetable garden decorated in pink, cream and yellow terrazzoinfo

Cast worktop

in RStoneS-Yellow-PR1

This bespoke beauty is a head turner in this stunning wine bar in Little C, Rotterdam. The customised worktop spans an impressive 6.68 meters, divided into two pieces. One piece features an integrated sink, while the other gracefully ends in a semicircle.

Credit: @coteducool

Video of construction of terrazzo
Table top made of white and yellow terrazzoinfo

Cast Tabletop

in RStoneL-White-G91

This is a statement tabletop that combines our Riverstone material with an eye-popping Granito background. The large white Riverstone fit seamlessly with this large oval shaped table.

by: Design Lab