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COLLECTION M5 – low density of marble chips of 5/20 mm

Authentic cement Terrazzo on a polished concrete base with a light décor of marble chips. The design is random; each slab is a unique piece. Terrazzo M5 tiles are in stock in the main colours; white, pink, blue, beige. You can order your custom terrazzo in your preferred size.

Terrazzo M5-YELLOW+GREY+CristalRED-KW
Green and white terrazzo tileinfo


in 60x60 tiles

Counter in Terrazzo M5-BLACK+PINK+GREY-KWinfo


in 60x60 tiles

Personalized table top, off-white and black grains on pink and white

Custom Cast Tabletop

Credit: @sif_mobilier

Yellow, green and green crystal terrazzo tile on white cementinfo


in 60x60 tiles