Technical sheet of terrazzo

Composition and production. Terrazzo floors and objects are made of Portland cement, marble powder, inorganic cement pigments, sand and aggregates, cement additives and recycled marble and glass pieces. These components are mixed with water and moulded. The tiles dry and harden naturally during 3 to 5 weeks.
The last of factory production is a surface polishing, removing 2 to 5 mm to unveil the beauty of decorative aggregates.

Applicable standards. MOSAIC terrazzo tiles are not standardised and do not fall under any category of applicable norms. This is due to the production method as each tile is individually handcrafted. The laboratory tests have been carried out on 40x40x2cm Terrazzo Marble 10 tiles using various protocols and test methods for terrazzo or cement/concrete slabs. The results of these tests are applicable only to the tested tile.

Dimensions and surface flatness

Difference between 4 sides of a tile: + / - 0,5mm
Thickness variation: + / - 1mm

Flexural strength and breaking load (UNE-EN 13748-1)

LOMECO laboratories, 2019
Flexural Modulus, average value (MPa): 6,1
Meets flexural strength (breakage) requirements
Breaking load average value (kN): 2,6
The tiles should be laid on a concrete slab or a rigid base.

Slip rate (USRV) (UNE-EN 13748-1)

LOMECO laboratories, 2019
Slip rate (USRV), Average value: 25 (in humid).
IFA Laboratory, Germany, 2022
Result: total mean of inclination angle: 12,0º, Classification R10
The values of the Slip Resistance refers to the tile tested as delivered from the factory.

Impact resistance (UNE-EN 13748-1)

LOMECO laboratories, 2019
First crack height (mm): >1000
Breaking height (mm): >1000
Result of use: INDUSTRIAL USE

Abrasion resistance. Wide disk method (UNE-EN 13748-1)

LOMECO laboratories, 2019
Abrasion footprint length, average: 20,1 (19 – 21,5 – 20)
Result of use: INTENSIVE USE

VOC Emission tests

Eurofins product testing, 2021

- French VOC regulation (DEVL 1133129ª): A+
- French CMR components (DEVP0908633A and DEVP0910046A): PASS
- Italian CAM Edilizia (GU n.259): PASS
- ABG/AgBB (Ausschuss zur gesundheitlichen Bewertung von Bauprodukten): PASS
- Belgian Regulation (C-2014/24249): PASS
- Indoor Air Comfort GOLD (Eurofins): PASS
BREEAM International: Exemplary level