TERRAZZO M100L – Mix of Recycled Marble from 5/40 mm

The authentic Terrazzo collection, concrete base with a blend of marble chips and fragments. This Terrazzo is comparable to the authentic floors from the last centuries. The craftsmen at Mosaic Factory manufacture this Terrazzo M100L in square tiles up to 80x80 cm, rectangular slabs up to 60x120 cm, and any other bespoke shape.

Bathroom decorated by the wall terrazzo in white and grayinfo


in 30x30 tiles

Credit: @beatriz.pallares

the floor of a dining room decorated by white and gray terrazzoinfo


in 30x30 tiles

Credit: @carditovillagegroup

Wall terrazzo in cream and beigeinfo

Custom Table Legs

in M100L-TLM

Like a two piece puzzle this table leg is shipped in two flat pieces that are assembled on-site. This versatile assembly style allows for large objects to be tightly packaged and shipped.

by: Design Lab

Sink in cream, beige and brown terrazzoinfo

Cast sink

in M100L-Brown+Cream

by: Design Lab

The floor is decorated with white and gray terrazzo tilesinfo


in 30x30 tiles