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Our Terrazzo slabs are individually cast following the customers requirements for dimension, shape and colour. We don't source industrial Terrazzo blocks externally and cut them to shape.

This gives you complete flexibility to customise and combine the background colour with the marble or glass aggregates as well as achieving most shapes and designs.

Slabs are delivered to the pavement only on a protected pallet. We do not offer an onsite templating or installation service.

Worktops, counters, bar tops, furniture or sinks in solid Terrazzo ... all your bespoke projects manufactured by MOSAIC factory's Our industrial facilities in Tangier (Morocco) have the necessary technology and machinery available to create moulds, cast, polish and handle Terrazzo in any 2D surface or 3D custom creation. Our experienced team will assist and guide you with the technical aspects of your project – stability, resistance, fixings on a structure or legs, assembly of panels... Terrazzo furniture, worktops, tables, countertops or any other bespoke architectural element available in all our Terrazo and Granito colours and textures.